Georges BABILA : Suspense continues …

There is no ordinary people or layman in investigations who would be able to say that, time elapsed from september 22, 2018 to now, is not too long for George. BABILA. He had been apprehended since this first time but until now, his case is still pending and nobody knows where he could be.

Concretely, who is Georges BABILA? His complete name is Georges BABILA FONCHAM and he was the sponsor of a renowned snack-bar named “BABISCO” in the FOUDA neighborhood. But now, this place which was so successful in the past, is now the shadow of himself since the day that men in uniforms made in a powerful descent.

The facts date back to the evening of September 22, 2018. The BABISCO is assaulted by a band of individuals in lattice claiming the identity of law enforcement or disorder?, with air, gestures and impetuous acts like automatons.

They ordered to interrupt everything, show and service. Which was obviously not at the taste of staff and customers. A remind to courtesies, including presentations, will unfortunately lead to a collective caning. After what, everybody will be embarked manu-militari by these haters cops, taking at the same time sound equipments and beer lockers, leaving only the vibrant echo of void behind them.

Curious analogy. Like its recreational establishment, the BABISCO promoter, now 35 years old, is missing, so sought after. His entourage does not know any more than anyone, speaking of his current refuge. Supporters supported by his wife, however, suggest that Georges Babila would be in the United States at this time. Only the perpetuation of silence on his part leaves his parents doubtful about this hypothesis. Case to follow.